Cellulite Removal Treatment


Cellulite body therapy and body contouring

30 minute treatment $70
15 minute treatment $45


We use Vacuomobilization, a technique which utilizes transparent suction cups to gently drive blood circulation towards congested tissue. The effect is a reduction in the appearance of 'orange peel' skin and other irregularities. The condition of the skin itself is greatly improved as this procedure noticeably smoothes skin texture. For optimum results, we recommend a series of treatments depending on individual needs. To maintain the results achieved, a follow-up treatment is recommended every 4 to 6 weeks.

Safe technique for body contouring
Eliminates cellulite ('orange peel' look) and toxins
Increases circulation and metabolic rate

More Information

Vacuomobilization is an innovative massage technique, which works from deep down in the tissue up towards the surface. Introduced from France, this technique is used for treatment of skin conditions such as wrinkles, scars and cellulite.


Congestion of the connective tissue is alleviated by increasing oxygenation in blood circulation to tissue altered by cellulite-scaring, stretch marks and wrinkling. Exchanges within the connective tissue also boost the metabolic rate and allow the body to dispose of toxins naturally.


There are absolutely no cuttings or abstractions performed during this procedure, and there is no recovery time.

Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Who gets cellulite and how does it form?

Answer: Men and women both are targets for cellulite. Fat, water deposits and toxic wastes become locked with the connective tissue causing congestion. Lack of exercise causes limited blood circulation and lack of oxygen induces build-up of fatty deposits in constricted areas.


Question: Does Vacuomobilization reduce the appearance of cellulite?

Answer: Yes, Vacuomobilization relieves the congestion by increasing oxygenation in the blood circulation to the tissue through applied suction massage. This boosts the metabolic rate and allows the body to dispose of toxins naturally.


Question: How is the metabolic rate improved through Vacuomobilization?

Answer: Involvement of oxygen in the metabolic pathway converts molecules such as glucose and fatty acid to carbon dioxide and water.


Question: Should clients change their diet for Vacuomobilization to work?

Answer: Studies show that to gain full benefits, proper diet and exercise, the treatments are more beneficial.


Question: How should the result be recorded?

Answer: Through photographs and objective measurement at the time of the initial session and periodically along the course of the treatment.


Question: Do clients need to consult with their physician before having Vacuomobilization treatments?

Answer: Not usually unless you have been diagnosed with acute or chronic circulatory disease or significant recurring skin conditions.


Question: Is Vacuomobilization an alternative to liposuction?

Answer: Yes. For over five years in Europe, Vacuomobilization has proven to be sufficient in assisting the body to eliminate wastes and fatty deposits. There are, however, severe conditions that may require a surgical action. Vacuomobilization will then be recommended as a post-surgical modality to complete the surgical act.


Question: Fat is said to return after liposuction surgery, how does Vacuomobilization hinder the reversion of fat?

Answer: Vacuomobilization, a monthly maintenance program of one session is suggested to preserve the results of the initial body contouring treatment. With liposuction, there is not a method of the maintenance of a regular balance other than future surgeries.

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