Face lifting and contouring:

30min treatment: $90

60min treatment, with mask: $110


Vacuodermie is a technologically advanced treatment, which brings vital nourishment to the facial area. It is a face lifting and contouring treatment which disperses fluid build-up and generally enhances the skin, leaving it feeling energized and rejuvenated.


Enhances vital moisture by increasing collagen presence in the skin
Dramatically tones and firms the facial area
Reduces wrinkles and fine lines and provides contouring around the eyes and mouth
Excellent for reducing the appearance of dark and puffy circles around the eye area

More Information

Vacuodermie is a safe alternative - or compliment - to surgery for facial contouring needs. Introduced from France, this technique is used for the treatment of skin anomalies such as wrinkles, fine lines and scars.


Facial contouring is achieved through the use of measured and alternating levels of suction, which allow specific action to occur within the underlying cutaneous layer of the skin. This suction forms and folds the skin without pinching, giving access to a whole range of results, which are otherwise highly difficult to attain.


As well as leaving the face and neck area more contoured, Vacuodermie provides extreme hydration and has a lifting effect on the skin.

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